179. I go to The Ohio State University.

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178. My childhood was Harry Potter, Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, and Sailor Moon. I regret nothing.

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177. Sometimes I feel I have no one I can confide things in.

176. I got my first pair of brand name Chuck Taylors Christmas 2011.

175. I like the color pink. I just don’t like to wear it.

174. When I was young, I thought you got a cowlick because a cow had literally licked your hair. I often wondered why people would be stupid enough to let a cow do this.

173. I have an Irish last name only because my dad was adopted. I am, however, Irish on my mom’s side.

172. I usually steal socks from my mom because I’m too lazy to find my own.

171. I have several headbands. Most of them have bows.

170. A lot of my favorite K-Pop songs are girl groups with pretty vocals plus awesome rapping.

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